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About Us

and the Expatrié brand

Mission Statement

We founded the Expatrié brand to offer affordable high-quality vegan backpacks and bags, because a good design doesn't always have to be expensive. We deliberately have our products made from animal-free synthetic leather, which comes very close to real leather in terms of its look and feel. Our fabrics are easy to care for, of high quality craftsmanship, extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

Our design is timeless in order to provide you with a loyal companion in a constantly changing environment. Our customers are always at the center of our new creations, which is why we are working relentlessly on further developing and improving our products. In order to leave a positive footprint as a brand, we try step by step to make other aspects of the value chain even more environmentally friendly.


All of our products are manufactured by staff with many years of experience, in a factory that specializes in bags. With the help of such strong partners, we are able to meet our high demands of processing materials and seams. We maintain a very close and friendly relationship with all our manufacturers. The good collaboration is reflected in our long-lasting partnerships. As we grow stronger and stronger with our partners, we continue to enhance the quality of our products.

Expatrié to German

An expatriate is someone who works and lives abroad for an extended period of time. True to this lifestyle, the Expatrié brand combines the charm and savoir-vivre of the french design with the simple, nordic and clear elegance of Hamburg to create a very unique style. We want to overcome borders. Whether between these two styles, different people or borders that hold us back in our personal life. Expatrié stands for curiously experiencing the world with open eyes and an open heart.